Date: 02 - 03 March 2021
Security level: NATO Unclassified
Tuition Fee: FREE
Seats: min 6, max 18 participants
Deadline for enrolment: 19 January 2020
ePRIME Reference: ACT.576.8


The workshop’s aim is focused on the CBRN Analysis new features, ATP-45 (F), CBRN Warning and Reporting users experience and requirements, Lessons Identified (LIs) and best practices. The purpose is to share information and set up clear understanding considering the new changes in the area of CBRN Warning and Reporting. The workshop is conducted in close cooperation with Bruhn NewTech representatives.

Learning Objective:

  1. CBRN Analysis new features;
  2. ATP-45 (F) and future changes;
  3. Users experience & requirements;
  4. Discussion forum;
  5. LI and best practice.

Expected Training Audience:

NATO Command and Force Structure CBRN staff and National equivalents dealing with CBRN Warning and Reporting.