The CELULEX 17 was a national Portuguese Army (PRT-A) training exercise, scheduled by the Portuguese Army Chief of Staff and conducted by the Land Forces Command (LFC).
This exercise was focused on planning and conducting CBRN missions in a civil-emergency environment at a tactical level with aim to develop and enlarge common co-operation among military and civil emergency system (police, firefighters, medical emergency teams) to develop and integrate CBRN Task Force (TF) operational CBR defense capabilities into civil emergency system, improve system of collaboration, evaluate national CBRN Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) for CBRN TF sub teams.

The representatives of World Health Organization (WHO), King’s College London and JCBRN Defence COE joined CELULEX 17 as visitors and observers.

The co-operation among military and the civilian emergency system were practiced and tested after the Biological, Chemical/Radiological and Chemical incidents which were the main issue of the exercise. Results and observations were briefed during daily evaluation. The exercise provided overview how the military CBRN Task Force and civilian emergency systems are able to co-operate in case of CBR incidents and how effective is consequence management.  

At the end of exercise the JCBRN Defence COE representative provided both training audience and visitors with a briefing about the JCBRN Defence COE role within NATO, structure and tasks of JCBRN Defence COE, program of work and training and education capabilities.

Author: LTC Petr NEUER (CZE)