On Saturday, April 22, representatives from JCBRN Defence COE attended the non-competitive nine-kilometre race through the city. They became  a part of around 300 participants who were willing to assist. The main purpose of the event was to raise funds for local charity project „I run and help“. This project was created to support the families in our neighborhood who have to cope with difficult life situations every day and they often have to rely on financial help from others. Under the auspices of the main sponsor, Lear Corporation, Lear Vyškovský Charity Run takes place regularly every spring in order to raise financial support for those in need. All proceeds will be donated to the collection of selected families.
The first edition of the Vyškov Lear fundraising run was organized in support of Petr Holub from Rostěnice who has been disabled both mentally and physically since his birth (due to cerebral palsy).
„The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.“  Oscar Wilde