The Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Centre of Excellence (JCBRN Def COE) opened its academic year 2017 with CBRN Analysis Super User - Refresher Course 2017. Two day course, organized on annual basis, hosted students from NATO countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and The United Kingdom) and specialists from software industry (The Bruhn New Tech Company, Denmark).

Course is designed to introduce changes and improvements made in this Warning and Reporting software, which is current NATO standard for evaluation CBRN events/incidents based on the STANAG 2013, ATP-45 (E).

Course participants were trained on CBRN Analysis software in current version 17.0 by Mr. Erik Schmidt Nielsen and Mr. Keith McGonigle. Both of them are very experienced as masters & super users, they are also excellent instructors and lectors. The JCBRN Def COE had an honour to host Mr. Nielsen, having full-range worldwide operational and instructing experiences, since 2012 when we organised the CBRN Warning and Reporting Specialists Pilot Course.

Students demonstrated their expert and advanced level and they were, step-by-step, well acquainted with automated procedures trained during the CBRN Analysis Super User - Refresher Course 2017. This course also created well-sized environment to share national and NATO experience from various levels of command & control.

This course was good opportunity for reinforcing the participants’ abilities to implement the newest knowledge concerning CBRN Warning & Reporting into upcoming NATO training activities such an exercise Brave Bedouin 2017 in April this year.

The CBRN Def COE has intent to continue with its educational and training activities in April 2017 by the “Introduction to the International CBRN Training Curriculum for Trainers of First Responders to CBRN Incidents Course”.

For more courses Organized by JCBRN Defence COE in 2017 please visit the JCBRN Def COE web page, Training Portal, available under web address below:


Author: LTC Karel Vydra (CZE-A)