More than 20 invited SMEs from the NATO Command Structure (NCS), NATO Force Structure (NFS), the JCBRN Defence COE and the JCBRN Defence Capability Development Group (JCBRND CDG) as well as several industry representatives gathered on the 16th and 17th of January 2013 in Vyskov, the Czech Republic, where the JCBRN Defence COE hosted the initial meeting of CBRN Functional Service Working Group (CBRN FS WG).

          SHAPE organized the meeting in support of the development of Capability Package (CP) 9C0107, Functional Services for C2 of Operations, which includes Project 0lS03078 Functional Services for C2 of CBRN Defence. NATO IC authorized the Project on 6 September 2011 designed to ensure that the Alliance develops an effective CBRN Defence Functional Service. The Project objective answers the need to provide a capability to develop, display, disseminate and maintain the CBRN defence contribution to the Joint Common Operational Picture (JCOP) by enabling NATO command and control arrangements at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. The CBRN FS supports both strategic and operational level commanders in both a static and deployable setting within the NATO Command Structure (NCS).

        COL Janos ZELENAK, the Deputy Director of the JCBRN Defence COE, welcomed the attendees, while LTC Rudolf KONAR, the CBRN FS WG Chair, introduced the objectives of the workshop. The workshop offered a working level session with a variety of key stakeholders, supported by the System Implementation Authority (NCIA) in order to:


·  identify the key target users and stakeholders roles for CBRN FS and obtain a suitable commitment for the project specification, review, deployment and acceptance,

·  define and agree on the general scope of the project.

·  revise with the key users/stakeholders the current understanding by NCIA of the CBRN-FS Requirements in order to prepare the Detailed Project Proposal.

·  discuss and suggest basic steps and measures, which should be taken to minimize risk of the project and to agree to a way ahead for future collaboration.

        During the public portion of the meeting, representatives of commercial companies introduced their products with the aim to make CBRN FS WG participants familiar with the current software solutions and capabilities available from industry in the area of CBRN Defence related software products.

        The CBRN FS WG meeting achieved all of the main targets, most notably the initial evaluation and draft of user requirements for the Type B Cost Estimate for CBRN FS system.

Author: LTC Ales Mynarik

Photos: Hana Jurcova

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