A delegation of German CBRN Subject Matter Experts represented by LTC Georg GNAN and LTC Thomas WOLF together with representatives of TMS Company, Mr. Norbert KOPP and Mr. Ibrahim Yücel AHI, visited the JCBRN Defence COE 15th May 2012. The overview briefing on the JCBRN Defence COE structure, organization and program of work was provided by the COE’s Deputy Director COL Janos Zelenak. He stressed that a potential mission for the COE is to be employed as an authority for validation of warning and reporting (W&R) and CBRN related software (SW) in support of NATO.

         The TMS Company representatives introduced their software for warning and reporting, called NEWS, which is widely used within the German armed forces.  They also demonstrated their consequence of intercept and consequence of engagement hazard prediction software designed for the assessment of ballistic missile impacts called HEAT.

         Discussion on possible cooperation in the area of validation of these software tools was fruitful and both sides agreed that the JCBRN Defence COE’s role as CBRN-related SW validation authority will be beneficial for NATO’s transformational and training processes. 


Author: LTC Petr Neuer