On Tuesday 31st May 2011, the Polish delegation lead by Chief of the CBRN Defence Training Centre of the Polish Armed Forces from the National Defence University, COL Leszek SŁOMKA, accompanied by LTC Dariusz BADURSKI visited the JCBRN Defence COE.

          The Polish delegation was welcomed by the COE Deputy Director, COL Janos ZELENAK who later on delivered a briefing on the JCBRN Defence COE history, development, mission, structure, current status, and projects included in JCBRN Defence COE Program of Work. His briefing was followed by the presentation about the training and courses provided by the COE explained by LTC Ivan KRIŽKA, Deputy of the TEED Director. The delegates were interested in courses and potential future projects in which CBRN Defence Training Centre of the PAF could attend or participate in. The briefings were followed by the demonstration of Modeling and Simulation Capabilities which was warmly welcomed by the Polish delegation.

          At the end of the meeting both JCBRN Defence COE Deputy Director and Chief of CBRN Defence Training Centre of the PAF expressed their intention to sign the MOU which could become the first step towards a new way of cooperation between those two institutions.

Author: LTC Marek Podpora

Photo: Hana Jurčová

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