On Tuesday 3rd May 2011, the Finnish delegation lead by Senior Staff Officer, Defence Policy Department LTC Hannu Ojala visited the JCBRN Defence COE. The finnish delegates (Ms. Tiina Raijas, Prof. Markku Mesilaakso, Prof. Simo Nikkari, COL Harri Kauppinem and CPT Mikko Elo), accompanied by the Chief of Chemical Corp of Czech Armed Forces, COL Karel Huleja was welcomed by the COE Director, Colonel Zdenek Cizek. 

     The COE Deputy Director COL Janos Zelenak delivered a briefing on the JCBRN Defence COE concept, mission, principles, structure and current status. The delegates were interested in courses and potential future projects, which Finland as a Partner for Peace nation could attend or participate.  The common COE presentation was followed by Defence Institute of University of Defence presentation given by Vice - Director NBC LTC Stanislav Florus.


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Author: CPT llona Bain

Photos: Mrs. Hana Jurčová