On 27th April 2011 Defence Against Terrorism COE (DAT COE) hosted coordination meeting with the participation of other three centers (MILENG COE, C-IOD COE and JCBRN Defence COE). Representatives of these four institutions met in Ankara/Turkey in order to provide update of theirs this year plans and to inform ourselves of next year plans.

       JCBRN Defence COE representative LTC Martin Peša made other delegates familliar with activities leading to development of two new courses focused on CBRN Intelligence and Warning and Reporting System, pilot runs are scheduled for next year. Then he mentioned JCBRN Defence COE increasing engagement in Maritime CBRN C2 Operational Field Trial and asked for cooperation regarding defence against terorrism related items incorporated in Joint Priority Assesment and Work Schedule (JPAWS), JCBRN Defence COE had taken over. Eventualy representatives agreed mutual exchange of lecturers and instructors in order to support educational activities of all centers.


Author: LTC Martin Peša