Events 2019

Read more: Individual Planning Board-I and Department Head Forum 2019The Individual Planning Board (IPB) is being held twice a year with the aim to plan and mentor the NATO Education Training Facilities individual training iterations and keep the endeavour in alignment with the Global Programming Policy. The IPB-I 2019 was held in conjunction with the Department Head (DH) Forum 2019. The Department Head Forum replaced the NATO Training Synchronisation Conference and provided a unique atmosphere for interaction and cross-disciplinal discussions.

Read more: JCBRN Defence Centre of Excellence organized the 2019 iteration of the CBRN Units Evaluators CourseThe CBRN Unit Evaluators course was conducted from 27 – 31 May 2019. Eleven participants from 5 NATO Allies attended the course: BEL (2), CZE (6), HRV (1), ITA (1) and USA (1). The aim of the course was to prepare CBRN SMEs to achieve common understanding of CBRN Defence standards for evaluation of CBRN Defence units assigned to Combined Joined Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Task Force (CJ CBRND TF).

Read more: JCBRND COE conducted pilot course on NATO Weapons of Mass Destruction DisablementFor the first time, JCBRN Defence Centre of Excellence (JCBRND COE) conducted, in close cooperation with the USA Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), a pilot course on Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Disablement from 3rd to 7th June 2019. NATO Education and Training requirements identified the need for a course dedicated to this topic , as defined in the NATO WMD/CBRN Defence Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

Read more: Non-Conventional Threat (NCT) CBRNe Europe 2019IB Consultancy, world-wide probably one of the most important organisers of CBRN events, organised and conducted the event “Non-Conventional Threat (NCT) CBRNe1 Europe 2019“ in VIENNA/AUSTRIA from 25th to 27th June 2019. There is no doubt that NCT CBRNe 2019 is one of the hugest CBRN events in Europe. However, without the outstanding support of the Austrian Ministry of Defence and its subordinated CBRN Defence Centre the conference would not have been as successful as it has been.

Read more: JCBRN Defence COE at the „COE Marketplace” at NATO HQFollowing the official invitation by the Chief of Staff Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), a delegation, headed by the Director of the JCBRN Defence Centre of Excellence, Colonel (GS) Vratislav Osvald (CZE-A) participated in the first ever „COE Marketplace“ at the NATO HQ in Brussels from 15th to 16th July 2019. The COE Marketplace had the full support of NATO’s leadership and was officially opened by
Ms. Rose Gottemoeller, NATO’s Deputy Secretary General, who showed a very high personal interest in our capabilities.