b_270_180_16777215_00_images_PICTURES_2019_0710_NCT_Pict.jpgIB Consultancy, world-wide probably one of the most important organisers of CBRN events, organised and conducted the event “Non-Conventional Threat (NCT) CBRNe1 Europe 2019“ in VIENNA/AUSTRIA from 25th to 27th June 2019. There is no doubt that NCT CBRNe 2019 is one of the hugest CBRN events in Europe. However, without the outstanding support of the Austrian Ministry of Defence and its subordinated CBRN Defence Centre the conference would not have been as successful as it has been. Conference objectives of the conference were to discuss on the newest developments on how to combat CBRN(e), IED, and EO threats; to learn about showcased novel technologies; and to network with international and regional stakeholders from high-level decision-makers to civil and military first responders, as well as to leading industry representatives. B Consultancy subdivided the conference into three parts: a plenary session combined with an industrial exhibition, a live demonstration and a – upon invitation only – CBRN defence capability development roundtable. The live demonstration took place at the CBRN defence and catastrophe assistance training site in EGGENDORF/AUT. AUT presented its CBRN defence capabilities. About 360 speakers and participants, military and civilian, academics, industries and media represented about 34 nations (among them the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Oman and Qatar, the Russian Federation, Uganda and Ukraine) and International Organisations (ECMAN, ICRC, ISEMI, JCBRND COE, SHAPE). Forty companies exhibited and advertised their products. Gold sponsors were Bruker Detection, Heyl and Kärcher Futuretech GmbH. By the way, both well-known in the CBRN defence community, Brigadier (ret.). William King and Colonel (ret.) Henry Neumann, co-chaired the conference.

JCBRN Defence COE supported NCT CBRNe Europe 2019 in various ways. Colonel Wolfgang Reich, Deputy Director, representing the JCBRND COE throughout the entire event and providing a presentation on “JCBRND COE – an overview”; LtCol Bernd Allert chairing the Workshop “CBRNe Training Interoperability and Multinational Cooperation”; Colonel Reich and LtCol Allert attending a roundtable discussion on capability development, LtCol Tomas Radek contributing to the Workshop by providing a presentation on “CBRN Defence Courses at JCBRND COE”; and Major Richard Hanak and Captain Zuzana Králiková providing a JCBRN Defence COE information desk. LtCol LAIMER attended as national AUT representative.

Major Hanak and Captain Králiková convinced the public on COE’s capabilities and capacities. JCBRN Defence COE supported the exhibition providing an information desk, distributing general information and promo materials. COE trifolds, COE courses catalogues, newsletters, pens, cups and basic information material about the Czech Republic were very well received by the visitors. In addition, COE members provided information on ongoing and future COE courses. Visitors got information on development, organizational structure, and key areas of interest, mission, tasks and general guiding principles of JCBRN Defence COE. In total, more than 50 visitors of NCT Europe joined the COE booth to request information.

The conference provided a huge amount and variety of presentations covering all enabling components of CBRN defence (Detection, Identification and Monitoring; Hazard Management; CBRN Knowledge Management; Physical Protection; Medical Countermeasures & Casualty Care), as well as all lines of capability development (“DOTMLFPI”). Many presentations may prove useful for the ongoing development of CBRN defence capabilities. JCBRND COE used the opportunity to establish contacts to organisations and industries working in the area of CBRN defence in order to focus on promising developments, and hence, improve NATO’s and EU’s CBRN defence. To summarize, JCBRND COE participated successfully at NCT CBRNe Europe 2019 whilst enhancing its international reputation. If beneficial, JCBRND COE might support organisation and conduct future similar events; and provide presentations in the frame of available capabilities and capacities in order to share knowledge and expertise, but also to raise COE’s visibility. In addition, these conferences provide an excellent networking opportunity.

IB Consultancy will conduct the next NCT CBRNe EUROPE 2019 ROME/ITA during the period from 14th – 18th September 2020.

1 The „e“ in CBRNe stands for „explosives“. However, CBRNe is not a NATO agreed term or abbreviation.

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AUT Military Police securing a clandestine laboratory JCBRND COE's team
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Colonel Reich having the key note speech JCBRND COE's information booth

Author:LtCol Bernd ALLERT (DEU-A), Cpt Zuzana KRÁLIKOVÁ (CZE-A)
Photos: IB Consultancy, LtCol Bernd ALLERT (DEU-A)