b_270_180_16777215_00_images_PICTURES_2019_0610_IPB_Pict.pngThe Individual Planning Board (IPB) is being held twice a year with the aim to plan and mentor the NATO Education Training Facilities individual training iterations and keep the endeavour in alignment with the Global Programming Policy. The IPB-I 2019 was held in conjunction with the Department Head (DH) Forum 2019. The Department Head Forum replaced the NATO Training Synchronisation Conference and provided a unique atmosphere for interaction and cross-disciplinal discussions. The individual DHs of different NATO Education and Training (E&T) Disciplines gathered under the lead of the Joint Force Development (JFD) ACT. The NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence in Vilnius, Lithuania, hosted these two key events from 21 to 23 May 2019.

Currently there are 27 NATO E&T Disciplines. Each of them has its own requirement authority, stating the NATO specific training requirements and an appointed Department Head finding solutions to the NATO training requirements.

The Joint CBRN Defence COE is honoured to act as the DH for the WMD/CBRN Defence (D) E&T Discipline, with the J-5 ACOS SHAPE as the Requirement Authority. The WMD/CBRND E&T Discipline started to operate already in 2013. Therefore, it was necessary to streamline the NATO specific training requirements. In January 2019 the ACT triggered the Training Requirements Analysis Workshop which will be followed by the Training Needs Analysis Workshop starting on 29 July 2019.

The responsibility of each DH is to annually issue the Discipline Alignment Plan (DAP) and conceptually lead the discipline.

Author: Maj. Veronika Dočkalová, (CZE-A)