b_270_180_16777215_00_images_PICTURES_2019_0605_SRS_Pict.jpgThe 2018 NATO-Industry Forum builded upon the Brussels Summit in which NATO Heads of State and Government highlighted that “We will further develop our partnership with industry and academia from all Allies to keep pace with technological advances through innovation.”

Colonel Osvald welcomed Mr. Rothbacher

Within this context representatives of the British company Specialist Response Solutions Ltd. visited Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence (JCBRND COE) in Vyškov. Colonel Vratislav Osvald, Diector/COE, welcomed Specialist Response Solutions Ltd. Kim R. Godfrey, Peter Klein, and Dieter Rothbacher presented their company and its products. Colonel Wolfgang Reich, COE’s Deputy Director chaired the meeting; Colonel Grzegorz Adamczyk, LtCol Bernd Allert, LtCol Alessandro Scherzo, and Ms. Lucy Senkova (all Transformation Support Department) participated on behalf of the JCBRND COE.

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Colonel Reich, Mr. Godefrey and Mr. Klein Ms Senkova, LtCol Scherzo, LtCol Allert, Col Adamczyk

The development of future decontamination capabilities should contribute to appropriate and technical feasible future CBRN defence capabilities and capacities in a timely manner, and strengthen Alliance’s Prevent, Protect and Recover efforts.

Specialist Response Solutions Ltd. promoted dry decontamination and, therefore, is known for decontaminant FAST-ACT. It immediately contains or neutralises acids, bases, and other chemical hazards (including Chemical Warfare Agents) – safely and in a single response tool. The broad range of utility makes FAST-ACT a valuable tool for a variety of environments including public and commercial transportation, government facilities, laboratories, production facilities, shopping and entertainment venues, police, fire, and other emergency response, healthcare facilities, any place where hazardous chemicals are a potential threat. FAST-ACT not only contains and adsorbs chemical spills it, unlike rival spill kits, neutralises the hazard. Initially designed to counter chemical agents it is now used extensively in the USA by the police, FBI, Military, and HAZMAT teams against a broad range of chemical threats.

Information on Specialist Response Solutions’ dry decontamination might be of concern of NATO’s Joint CBRN Defence Capability Development Group (JCBRND-CDG), especially its Doctrine & Terminology Panel, Hazard Management Panel, as well as the Physical Protection Panel. In addition, CBRN Medical Working Group (CBRNMed WG) might be interested. An industrial presentation on the occasion of the autumn JCBRND-CDG meeting in Budapest/HUN has already been arranged.

Author: LtCol Bernd Allert, DEU-AR
Photos: LtCol Aleš Mylan, CZE-AR