b_270_180_16777215_00_images_PICTURES_2019_0525_Australia_Pict.jpgThe Doctrine and Terminology Panel (DTP) of the Joint CBRN Defence Capability Development Group (JCBRND-CDG) met for the 32nd meeting in Canberra, Australia (AUS) on Monday, 20th May 2019.

As the DTP’s chairperson, LtCol Bernd Allert of the JCBRND COE welcomed the 25 participants from NATO Nations and organisations and partner nations. The first day was dedicated to a plenary session that focused on a general information exchange concerning the recent JCBRND-CDG, MSJSB and further related working group meetings. The progress of AJP-3.8.1 Volume I “CBRN Defence on Operations”, terminology and CBRN defence comprehensive database was also briefed.

The plenary session split then into doctrinal and terminology syndicates.

On Monday evening all participants took part at the “Last Post Ceremony” at the Australian War Memorial in the grounds of the Commemorative Courtyard in Canberra. The ceremony begun with the Australian National Anthem followed by the piper's lament. LtCol Allert and LtCol Chylikova laid wreaths and floral tributes beside the Pool of Reflection. The ceremony continued with the individual's story of Sgt Joseph Harding who was an Australian Imperial soldier, and the Ode recited by Australian Defence Force personnel. The ceremony concluded with the sounding of the Last Post.

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Author and Photos: CPT Robert Hromada, SVK-A