b_270_180_16777215_00_images_PICTURES_2019_0507_TC_Pict.jpgThe Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence conducted the 2019 iteration of the WMD-MD-21243 Introduction to the International CBRN Training Curriculum for Trainers of First Responders to CBRN Incidents Course.

The aim of the course was to familiarise participants with the International CBRN Training Curriculum so that they get the knowledge and understanding to implement a CBRN Training Curriculum within their own nations. Further, the course enhances interoperability among first responders which will aid international responses to CBRN incidents.

Twelve participants from eight countries participated in theoretical briefings, syndicate work and practical training exercises. The practical training was organized at the Training Centre of Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic in Brno. The training included demonstrations of CBRN detection and decontamination equipment. It was followed by a practical exercise in which students had to respond to a chemical and cadiological incident using and applying the information that was provided during the lectures.

According to the course evaluations, the students assessed the course as very useful being beneficial for their current jobs and also for their further career development.

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Author: Course Director, CPT Dejan PAGON, (SVN-A).
Photos: LTC Ales MYLAN, (CZE-A); CPT Dejan Pagon, (SVN-A) and WO Petr MOHNACS, (CZE-A)