The recently established Central European CBRN-E 1 Training Centre (CE CBRN-E TC) in Budapest (HUN) would like to cooperate with the Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence (JCBRND COE) especially in the field of training. The TC forwarded an official letter to us in order to identify areas of potential cooperation between our organizations. Colonel Vratislav OSVALD, Director JCBRND COE, confirmed that our COE is highly interested in the close cooperation with the Training Center and invited the representatives to Vyškov in order to get to know each other and our capabilities.

On 23 July 2018 a meeting with CE CBRN-E TC representatives took place in Vyškov (CZE). The meeting was chaired by the director of the JCBRND COE.

The meeting was sub-divided into two parts. During the first part, Colonel OSVALD welcomed the guests and gave a general brief about the COE`s history, structure, manning and mission. After that, the department directors provided detailed briefs about the tasks and responsibilities of their departments.

In the second part Major Balazs HORVATH, Deputy Director CE CBRN-E TC, provided a detailed briefing on the Training Center. He informed the attendees about the history, structure, ongoing projects, aims and future plans of the Training Center. In 2015, the Bomb Disposal Unit of the Hungarian National Police (BDU), in partnership with competent units from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia, have initiated the establishment of the Central-European CBRN-E Training Centre in Budapest. The Centre is hosted at the compound of the BDU. The Centre aims to set up comprehensive strategies for prevention, preparedness, response to CBRN-E incidents, to enhance provision of training and technical assistance by leveraging law enforcement expertise and resources. It will provide the infrastructure for harmonizing best practices and training activities between the participating countries in order to enhance national and regional CBRN-E capabilities. Another key component of the newly established Centre is to provide a venue for workshops, conferences and symposiums in this special field of expertise.

After this briefing the participants discussed possible areas of cooperation and determined next steps. The meeting was really successful in a cordial atmosphere.


The participants agreed to establish cooperation between the two organizations whilst focusing on information sharing. Colonel Imre KISS invited the COE`s representatives to visit the Training Centre and the brand new training facility in Hungary in autumn 2018.

1 CBRN-E is not a NATO agreed abbreviation. The “E” stands for explosives.

Text: LTC Balazs KOVACS, (HUN A)

Photo: Mrs. Hana Jurčová