The Royal Military Collage (RMC) of Canada in Kingston hosted the 30th Doctrine and Terminology Panel (DTP) meeting from 04 JUN – 08 JUN 2018. DTP is one out of seven NATO Joint CBRN Defence Capability Development Group’s panels (JCBRND-CDG).


Fourteen nations (AUS, BEL CAN, CZE, DEU, DNK, FRA, GBR, ITA, NLD, NOR, POL, TUR, USA) were represented, as well as ACO, JFC Brunssum, ACT Staff Element Europe and JCBRND COE.

30th Doctrine and Terminology panel was opened by the RMC Commandant and Vice-Chancellor Brigadier-General Sébastien Bouchard who warmly welcomed all participants and he mentioned in his speech how important for every military is the doctrinal work. Brigadier-General Sébastien Bouchard wished the Doctrine and Terminology panel successful and fruitful week in The Royal Military Collage (RMC) of Canada in Kingston.


The first day was – as usually – designed as a plenary session. DTP’s chairperson, LTC (DEU A) Bernd Allert, informed all participants on results, tasks and guidance provided by JCBRND-CDG. On the agenda was also informing on the Allied Joint Operations Doctrine (AJOD) working group, as well as on the current status of the CBRN Comprehensive Database, established and maintained by the JCBRND COE. All participants were informed about progress in main CBRN defence doctrine AJP-3.8 which reached finally the ratification process.


During the following days all DTP members took part either in the Doctrinal or the Terminology syndicate.

Main topic for Doctrinal work was study draft of the ATP-3.8.1 Volume I “CBRN DEFENCE ON OPERATIONS” and ATP-3.8.1 Volume II “SPECIALIST CBRN CAPABILITIES”. During the Doctrinal Syndicate work on ATP-3.8.1 Volume I more than 90 critical and substantial comments were discussed. Participating nations determined the final structure and content of ATP-3.8.1 Volume II “Specialist CBRN Capabilities”.


Joint CBRND COE C&D Section

The Terminology Syndicate faced some tough challenges as well. A lot of words in CBRN language need to be defined precisely to avoid future misinterpretations and to create a NATO-wide common language. JCBRND COE provided for Kingston’s meeting MAJ (CZE A) Ilona Chylikova as acting chairperson. Nations were kindly asked to nominate Chairperson for Terminology Syndicate.

Upcoming Autumn Meeting is planned in Saumur (France) from 15 OCT to 19 OCT 2018. The FRA representative introduced the meeting facilities of the 31st DTP Meeting.

However, there were not only nice events. After three years period the DTP had to farewell its secretary LTC Jaroslaw Zochowski (POL - A) and to thank for his outstanding job during this period. Next farewell was said to our host and vice chairperson of DTP MAJ Chris Sullivan due to his new position out of CBRN Branch. New DTP vice chairperson will be MAJ Joseph Kopcha from ACO SHAPE.

Text: LtCol Bernd ALLERT, DEU A